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Highlands Little League

HLL is committed to the safety of our players. 

Below are links to various topics, information, and forms used by HLL and the coaches to help ensure the safety of our participants and spectators.

If you have ANY concerns or suggestions please feel free to e-mail us.

The managers and coaches of each team are provided a HLL Safety Manual that they use and have on hand throughout the season.  It entails responsibilities required of each volunteer and player.  Each team is issued a "mini" first aid kit and larger kits are available in the field storage sheds. Managers are also certified in concussion training before each season.

Although we attempt to prevent all injuries, some are bound to happen due to the nature of the sport.  If and when these happen, managers are responsible to ensure immediate response and then required to fill out the Preliminary Incident Form as soon as possible after the event and forward to the Safety Officer. If the injured person is subsequently seen by a medical practitioner, a release from a medical practitioner is required before that individual may partake in any Little League activities. 

Our Code of Conduct policy is effective anytime a Little League function or event is occurring.  Feel free to review our policy.

And finally, the size of our facility is fairly large.  Although you can be rest assured we do all we can to make the facilities as safe as possible for our kids, if you see anything you feel is unsafe and you're unable to correct it, please inform a board member or email us to help get the issue corrected. Thank you.